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Digimat 2018.0

What’s new in Digimat 2018.0?

Easy and Highly Efficient, More Additive Manufacturing and Advanced Failure Modeling
Digimat 2018 brings new levels of efficiency for as-manufactured structural analysis of reinforced plastic components through major enhancements of Digimat-RP. A completely redesigned user interface welcomes the connection to more molding manufacturing data such as weld line, fiber volume fraction, fiber length and residual stresses. Accurate design of short or long fiber reinforced plastic components as well as SMC has never been easier!

Figure 1 New Digimat-RP user interface: easier and more powerful

The Additive Manufacturing solution of Digimat 2018.0 has been extended all along its material/process/part performance capabilities, including virtual characterization of lattice structures in Digimat-FE, enhanced physics in Digimat-AM and access to standard structural analysis workflow in Digimat-RP. This release also officializes the partnership of Stratasys with e-Xstream. Virtual printing and structural analysis of components made of Ultem 9085 printed with Fortus 900mc are now possible through Digimat-AM and Digimat-RP solutions.

Figure 2 Accounting for local temperature in printer chamber

Advanced failure modeling of short and long fiber reinforced plastic structures has been improved to better account for polymer sensitivity to stress triaxiality on composite failure initiation. Damage of such structures can now be modeled more precisely through a controllable damage law for enhanced energy dissipation predictions in crash simulation.

Figure 3 Advances in reinforced plastic structure failure predictions (Courtesy of DuPont Performance Materials)

Please have a look at the release notes for all details. Digimat 2018.0 is available for download on theMSC Download Center

Release Notes