Sumitomo Chemical partners with e-Xstream engineering to enhance Digimat-MX's Database

Hautcharge, LUXEMBOURG - February 2017 - e-Xstream engineering, an MSC Software Company, announced today that the new version of Digimat 2017.1, the leading nonlinear multi-scale material and structural modelling platform, will have the SUMIKASUPER E6007LHF grades added to the Digimat-MX database.

SUMIKASUPER E6007LHF is a thermoplastic liquid crystalline polymer (LCP) that contains a 35% glass fiber. These grades are composed of various neat reskins linking to heat resistance and filler, that further enhance the Digimat- MX database to cover a broad range of thermal resistance up to 355 deg C.

"We are very honoured to add the prestigious material supplier Sumitomo Chemical to our customer list and its high end grades to the Digimat material exchange platform. With the addition of this premium thermoplastic polymer, every industry with high material standards can benefit from utilizing Digimat," said Serge Van Den Heuvel, Business Development Manager, e-Xstream engineering.

"SUMIKASUPER LCP (specifically E6007LHF), possesses a unique high-performance among all engineering plastics allowing to develop new applications and markets. Digimat will provide full and easy access to all calibrated material characteristics of the LCP material to develop a suitable part-design and to predict performance of a part made of the E6007LHF," says Hiroyasu Yamauchi, Senior Manager, Sumitomo Chemical Europe.

The E6007LHF has been qualified for a wide variety of applications from electric to automotive in the global market because of its superior characteristics such as thin-wall fluidity, heat resistance, environmental friendly material, and self-reinforcement.

A lightweight can be achieved with the E6007LHF by downsizing and thinning a part or replacing a metal altogether.  This indicates that Digimat 2017.1 can provide a more cost-effective solution to users.

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About Sumitomo Chemical
Sumitomo Chemical is a global chemical company, established in 1913 and operates businesses in five sectors - petrochemicals, energy & functional materials, IT-related chemicals, health & crop sciences and pharmaceuticals. Sumitomo Chemical and its group companies over 100 subsidiaries and affiliates provide products worldwide that support a wide variety of industries and help people's daily life. More information can be found at

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Chabha Djouder

Press Contact (Sumitomo Chemical):
Hiroyasu Yamauchi
Sumitomo Chemical Europe S.A./N.V.
Phone: +32 2 251 06 50   Fax: +32 2 254 87 51

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Dr. Masha Petrova
Director of Global Marketing

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