Data solutions to ensure you meet compliance and sustainability standards...

Compliance and Sustainability

To ensure that your product meets compliance and sustainability requirements and industry regulations, our material data solution can characterize and virtually test products in simulated environments.
The strategic software partnership draws on the respective strengths of each partner – the breadth of iPoint’s expertise in developing leading cross-industry solutions for material compliance, sustainability, and the circular economy, fused with the depth of MSC Software’s market-leading integrated, process-oriented end-to-end solutions for the discrete manufacturing industry – to deliver a powerful integrated offering for responsible design
- Joerg Walden, CEO and Founder, iPoint-systems Gmbh

Providing you with extensive knowledge and expertise to meet industry standards.

Working in partnership with specialists such as iPoint-Systems GmbH, we bring you extensive knowledge and expertise in studying the compliance and sustainability of materials to give you the reassurance that your product is thoroughly meeting compliance and sustainability requirements.

The 10x (ICME) Solution features iPoint integration, allowing for compliance reporting and checking of reliable environmental and material sustainability data for product compliance.

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