Addressing challenges in material development and utilisation processes...

Exploring the Effect of Processing

It is widely recognised that the manufacturing process influences the performance of the final part, however, simulation tools such as fibre distributions and orientations are often overlooked.

The injection molding process for polymers itself influences the performance of the final manufactured part, but simulation tools typically leave out critical details such as fiber distributions and fiber orientations. Our 10xICME Solution addresses this by providing mechanical simulations that incorporate critical details of the FEA simulation, giving greater accuracy of the performance of the part being simulated.
The journey of every great product starts in the mind of an engineer, but only by accurately simulating performance. To help close the loop between simulation and manufacturing, we’ve developed the 10x Integrated Computational Material Engineering (ICME) Solution to address both business and engineering challenges in materials development and utilisation processes.
- Roger Assaker, CEO e-Xstream engineering

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Aimed at accelerating and optimizing the manufacturing of composites and metals using traditional or the latest additive technologies.

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