In the beginning, there was manufacturing, but then Hexagon and its partners created 10xICME...

Developing a unique, integrated computational materials engineering solution

Integrated Computational Materials Engineering (i.e. ICME) offers engineers across industries the ability to use the optimal combination of materials and manufacturing processes to innovate and maximize performance while reducing cost and lead time.

ICME enables new design paradigms by modelling the strong coupling between materials, manufacturing and product performance. Combining a comprehensive suite of 10 established core technologies and services, developed through 17 years of extensive experience in material innovation, 10xICME is redefining the way in which ICME is delivered for the future.
Our 10xICME Solution is a key Hexagon offer initiated by our material’s team and spread across the “extended-enterprise” with building blocks from Hexagon and our ecosystem partners.”
- Roger Assaker, CEO e-Xstream engineering

Predict the mechanical, thermal and electrical behaviour of materials

Through its unique combination of solutions, the elements of 10x provide an extensive, robust, and easy to use ICME solution, assisting users through the entire design, materials development and manufacturing processes.

This end to end solution utilizes a comprehensive suite of products which help you ‘predict the future’. Inspect data, visualise and simulate anything including; material development to testing, insight management, compliance and digital continuity.

What can 10xICME do for you?

10xICME will help you save cost in your materials process. Developed in collaboration with global OEMs and material suppliers, 10xICME is applicable to a wide range of materials, including plastics, composites, metals, ceramics and manufacturing processes such as injection moulding, automatic fibre placement and additive manufacturing. It has been devised to address both business and engineering challenges in the materials development and utilization process.

Our customers and partners gain unique access to our pioneering research expertise and state-of-the-art tools to improve their industrial design and manufacturing process.

10xICME reduces the number of physical tests needed and solves a key industrial challenge to manage the vast amount of materials data generated, thus enabling comparison, analysis and validation. You also access extensive knowledge and insight in developing and integrating new engineering materials. This solution will help you in selecting an extensive range of factors including; which material to use, which polymer, which fibre, how to inject the material, how to optimize performance, mechanical stiffness and strength, thermal and electric performance.

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