Using the principles of artificial intelligence to create invaluable data...

Material Intelligence (MI)

Material intelligence applies artificial intelligence to materials. Both physical testing and virtual testing leads to an invaluable dataset. With artificial intelligence, both can be combined to create more value.

The large size of data can make decision making challenging. Artificial intelligence methods embedded in 10xICME improve the material development, select and utilization process.
Developed in collaboration with global OEMs and material suppliers, we’ve combined a world-class team of passionate material and process experts with an extensive, robust and easy-to-use platform that bridges the gap between manufacturing and end-part performance.
- Roger Assaker, CEO e-Xstream engineering

Providing effortless decision making through artificial intelligence methods.

A significant amount of real and virtual test data can be generated, however the considerable size of data generated can make decision-making challenging. Artificial intelligence methods embedded in the 10xICME Solution enables us to vastly improve the material development, selection and utilization process.

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