MaterialCenter is the central hub we use to manage physical and virtual materials data...

Material Lifecycle Management

Developed as a solution to store, protect, manage and distribute material data. Our MaterialCenter software is a unique and world-leading system to manage materials data.

Manage Material Models, Data and Processes with Full Traceability

A solution designed to support companies in organizing, protecting and using their materials IP and more generally to digitize material workflows. In short it is a unique and world-leading system to manage your materials data.

MaterialCenter is the central hub we use to manage physical and virtual material’s data which shares information, while protecting intellectual property. Overlooking material’s information can have a significant impact on your product quality, cost and development time. Industry leaders in the digital era are starting to embark on a material’s digitalization strategy to mitigate materials risk.

MaterialCenter allows you to:

  • Save money and time on redundant testing and protect the intellectual property of your organisation
  • Understand what materials and restricted substances are being used in your products
  • Know the full history and test data pedigree of your materials
  • Track and compare virtual and physical test data
  • Consolidate and digitalize corporate materials faster
  • Enable critical compliance
  • Access a single materials source across your organization
  • De-complexify complex materials and processes such as Composites and Additive Manufacturing, by ensuring easy tracking and traceability
  • Access, select and analyse materials data most efficiently
  • Capture a full pedigree of materials information including tests, statistical information, simulation models and designs allowable
  • Manage complex materials and processes such as Additive Manufacturing and Composites

MaterialCenter was selected by leading aerospace manufacturer Airbus as part of its digital transformation to reduce development lead time by implementing an end-to-end materials management platform. Using it provides a complete solution for the current and future needs of aerospace materials data and process management.

Designed to manage the complete materials workflow as the single point of entry for all materials related activities, it guarantees that engineers use a consistent source of approved materials derived from traceable integrated processes, resulting in improved simulation fidelity, reduced data loss and elimination of tedious manual data management activities.

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