Up-scale Your Composites eXpertise!

e-Xstream engineering has designed a whole Academic package to encourage professors in their role of innovation leaders next generation educators.

Digimat is a leading material modeling software relied upon by major Material suppliers, Tier1s and OEMs of various industries (automotive, aerospace, defense, electrics & electronics, medical devices, etc…).

A recent survey to product manufacturers revealed that there is a worldwide shortage of proficient engineers with composites simulation experience. Therefore, we offer you our Digimat Student Edition that will prepare your students to be tomorrow’s engineers with competitive skills right out of the school and stand out in the job market having Digimat experience on their CV.

Moreover, e-Xstream engineering has designed a whole Academic package to encourage professors in their role of innovation leaders and next generation educators.

Digimat, the non-linear multi-scale material modeling platform enables you to:

  • Design and manufacture innovative high-performance composite materials with state-of-the-art technology
  • Understand faster and deeper your complex composite material's behavior
  • Reduce heavy and expensive material testing to overcome your research budget challenges
  • Improve the accuracy of analysis for comparison to test data. By extension you will be able to improve your efficiency in your contributions to industries.

Our Academic Package

To get another expertise on your research, grow your innovation capacity and help you get your students to the right level of knowledge, we prepared a whole package for you which includes:

  • Your Digimat academic license(s): 1 license or 5 licenses,
  • A Technical support for your licensed researchers,
  • A 2 hours course on Composites/Homogenization introducing Digimat technology,
  • An unlimited access to our Digimat’s Student Edition,
  • Some exercises on Digimat Student Edition.

Digimat Student Edition is a limited version of the core technology of Digimat. This version will enable your students with all the necessary tools to enlarge their knowledge about the behavior of the composite and Up-Scale their eXpertise.

Please encourage them to download the key to their future success for free! Give them the ability to rise above the rest; with Digimat skill on their resume, students better position themselves to a fast track career. Let your students up-scale their composite eXpertise with a limited version of Digimat-MF & Digimat-FE, the core technology behind Digimat, the leading industrial platform for nonlinear multi-scale modeling.