Up-scale Your Composites eXpertise!

Material Engineering with Mean-Field and Finite Element based Micromechanics for Students in our Digimat Student Edition

Students studying micromechanics can now download the Digimat Student Edition at no charge and develop real-world skills that are highly sought after within the various industries worldwide.

This simplified version of Digimat gives insights on both mean-field and finite-element based homogenization of SFRP and UD materials, allowing exploration and comparison of the different design techniques.

Digimat Student Edition will provide you with the composite materials simulation tools to:

  • Create new materials or improve your materials while staying up-to-date in Composite Design
  • Get a better and deeper insight into the performance and behavior of composites
  • Study sensitivity to changes in material microstructures
  • Understand the 'why' behind a composite material's behavior
  • Improve accuracy of analysis for comparison to test data
Digimat Student Edition will provide students with the simulation tools to accurately and efficiently predict their material model and gain experience in using Digimat. We give students the advantage they need to be successful in today's job market. Companies developing technologies or manufacturing complex products and requiring a workforce capable of combining skills and knowledge in designing materials will also benefit from this action. e-Xstream is committed to bring the next generation leaders to the forefront.
-Dr Roger Assaker, CEO and Chief Material Strategist
e-Xstream engineering, an MSC Software Company

Digimat is a state-of-the-art multi-scale composite material Design technology that speeds up the development process for composite materials and structures. Digimat is used to perform detailed analyses of materials on the microscopic level and to derive micromechanical material models suited for multi-scale coupling of the micro- and macroscopic level. Digimat material models provide the means to combine processing simulation with structural FEA. This means to move towards more predictive composite material simulation by taking into account the influence of processing conditions on the performance of the finally produced part. Digimat is relied upon by major Material Suppliers, Tier1s and OEMS throughout various industries – such as automotive, aerospace, defense, electrics & electronics, etc.

If you would like to request Digimat Student Edition, please click here. For PhD research and teaching projects, please contact info@e-xstream.com and one of our representatives will contact you shortly.