Additive Manufacturing

Discover a holistic simulation platform, delivering a unique combination of material engineering, process simulation and structural analysis solutions to print right-the-first-time.

Additive Manufacturing

Print right the first time!

Additive manufacturing of plastics and composites is evolving from rapid prototyping to industrial production. However, many pains still hinder its full development, such as the limited portfolio of advanced materials, lack of fidelity of the manufacturing process as well as uncertain mechanical properties of final parts, leading to an overall high manufacturing cost.

To support this transition, Digimat offers a holistic simulation platform for additive manufacturing, delivering a unique combination of material engineering, process simulation and structural analysis solutions. With technology built upon e-Xstream's recognized experience with reinforced polymer multiscale modeling, Digimat for Additive Manufacturing enables to print right the first time and use the full potential of additive manufacturing.

For whom?

Printer manufacturers:

  • Support your customers in addition to physical printing
  • Provide your customers with a wider portfolio of materials
  • Support your customers for application development

Material suppliers:

  • Improve understanding of your materials
  • Expand your material portfolio
  • Support printer providers and end-users to use your material optimally


  • Save time and money by avoiding complex trials and errors
  • Gain confidence in your manufacturing process and part design
  • Optimize your part performance for lightweighting
MATERIALS: Digimat helps providers of material solutions and end material users to develop, exchange and use a larger portfolio of plastics and composites materials specifically for additive manufacturing. Digimat products: Digimat-MF, FE and MX

PROCESSES: Digimat simulates the printing process and helps printer manufacturers and end-users to identify manufacturing issues and optimize printing parameters for productivity and final part performance, for instance by minimizing part warpage and residual stresses as a function of the material and process parameters. Digimat product: Digimat-AM

PARTS: Digimat enables the prediction of the as-manufactured part performance, therefore allowing precise understanding of final part mechanical properties and helping with optimization of performance for lightweighting. Digimat products: Digimat-RP, CAE, MAP


Use state-of-the art data management system to merge, trace and analyze Additive Manufacturing data (Powders, Machines, Builds, Parts, Tests, Post-Process, Design, CAE models) with MaterialCenter allows. Learn more about MaterialCenter here

To learn more please look at the Digimat for Additive Manufacturing Solution Brief