Material Suppliers

e-Xstream offers material suppliers the technology and industry expertise they need to reduce the cost and time needed to develop innovative and higher quality materials and structures.

Digimat empowers material suppliers to investigate the behavior of their reinforced materials with very high fidelity, faster than heavy and costly testing.

With the ever increasing market demand for high performing, cost effective, eco-friendly materials, material suppliers face many challenges today to gain or maintain their leadership.

How to design and select, in a short time frame, the optimal material?

How to make sure it is meeting the customers' requirements both for manufacturing process and final performance on a part or on a system?

How to share material information with direct customers in a friendly, yet IP protected manner ?

Digimat Solution

Digimat empowers material suppliers to investigate the behavior of their reinforced materials with very high fidelity, faster than heavy and costly testing. It helps them to perform parametrization, choose between multiple design alternatives and select their optimum material. Digimat supports material suppliers innovation.

With state-of-the-art material modeling techniques, Digimat enables material suppliers to serve their direct customers better, help them to design more efficiently and optimize structural performance and weight. It also offers them a platform where they can share the materials with their direct users in an open or fully encrypted environment.

Key Benefits
  • Investigate multiple materials
    • Plastics: Glass fiber reinforced thermoplastics, Carbon fiber reinforced thermoplastics, Carbon fiber reinforced thermosets, etc.
    • Rubber: Carbon black filled rubber, Silica filled rubber, Short fiber reinforced rubber, etc.
    • Carbon: Graphite, Carbon-Carbon composites
    • Sandwich Panels: Skins (Aluminum, Multi-layered composites), Core (Honeycomb (Nomex®), Foam, Cemented Carbides (CoWC)
    • Thermoplastic Elastomers
  • Looking to multiple performances: Stiffness, Strength, Energy (Impact) absorption, Fatigue resistance, Low warpage, Low density, Long-term stability, Moisture absorption
  • Coupled with multiple technologies
    • Major nonlinear FEA software (Nastran, Marc, Abaqus, ANSYS, LS-DYNA, PAM-CRASH and SAMCEF)
    • Injection Molding software (Moldflow, SigmaSoft, Moldex3, REM3D)
    • Draping (Simulayt, PamForm, MSC Laminate Modler)
    • CT scan (Volume Graphics)
e-Xstream’s Digimat technology enables Solvay Engineering Plastics to bring completely new solutions to the automotive industry; through our partnership, we have built a leading edge competency in the replacement of metals by plastics which our customers truly value. Solvay sees the Digimat software as core to our future developments in the auto market and we look forward to continuing our close relationship with e-Xstream."
-Peter Browning, Automotive Market Director, Solvay Engineering Plastics
Victrex has delivered metal replacement solutions to the aerospace, automotive, energy, electronics, industrial and medical markets for more than three decades. One of the common themes across each of these industries continues to be the need for lighter, smarter, and more cost-effective solutions. Being proactive to support our customers in the replacement of metals, we have significantly enhanced our part modeling and evaluation capabilities by adding VICTREX® PEEK polymers to Digimat-MX. This will certainly accelerate the development process and help to deliver innovative solutions that perform in the most demanding environments."
-Frank Schemm, Global Sales–Aerospace SBU, Victrex