Digimat simulation software for hard metals

Hard metals are two-phase materials with significantly differing mechanical properties on the microstructural level. Material properties are tuned by varying the content and microstructure of a hard inclusion phase. Key to further material development is to understand and optimize microstructural stresses in the composite.

Your modeling software for the predictive design of hard metals:

The complexity of hard metal microstructures makes it extremely difficult to calculate stresses and strains at the microstructural level, especially in three-dimensional analyses. Digimat offers the means to build realistic representative volume elements (RVEs) for hard metal systems and to investigate those RVE using FEA technology.

Benefits of using Digimat modeling software for hard metals:

  • Realistic RVE of hard metal microstructures dependent on content, grain size
  • Computation of microstructural stresses & strains based on FE technology
  • User friendly post-processing of FE results in terms of probabilistic distribution functions and homogenized material properties

Industrial usage of Digimat for hard metals:

Hard metals are functional materials with tuned performances arising from the composite microstructure. Understanding those composites on the microstructural level is key for material suppliers who need to innovate their products. The influence of the sintering process that guides the formation of the microstructure and the impact on the final material performance can be investigated in a systematic fashion.

Digimat-FE allows a user friendly generation and analysis of cemented carbide RVEs and serves as a platform for virtual material development to enhance the interpretation of simulation results.
-Michael Magin, Application Engineer Manager
Ceratizit Luxembourg
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