Digimat Certified Consulting Partners are independent engineering companies combining high levels of technical and industry expertise with hands-on skills to deliver best in class engineering services to our customers.

Collaborative projects with a Digimat Certified Consulting Partner offer:

  • Expertise in Digimat along with direct support
  • Experience in multi-industry engineering projects
  • Local services, flexible team and customizable projects

Our certified consulting partners:

AniForm Engineering logo   AniForm Engineering

logo-arobas   Arobas Technologies
Contact: Hubert BLONDET (hubert.blondet@arobas-technologies.com)

logo-plastics-engineering-group   Plastics Engineering Group GmbH
Contact: Daniel Schöps (schoeps@pe-group.de)

logo-eicher   Eicher Engineering Solutions Inc.
Contact: Ram Iyer (ram.iyer@ees-na.com)

logo-easi   EASi An Aerotek Company
Contact: Michael Lee (michlee@easi.com)

ExpanseMicro logo   ExpanseMicro

  IPC – Centre Technique Industriel de la Plasturgie et des Composites


Become Digimat Certified Consultant Partner and lead the way in Composites!

Grow your Skills and Access New Opportunities.

Today’s industrials are requested to bring greener, cheaper and more sustainable products to the market in order to meet demanding economic and environment targets. Digimat material modeling technology allows quick investigation and accurate prediction of composites behavior at micro-macro scales. This innovative technology enables design and structural engineers to leverage the outstanding physical properties of wide range of composite materials in mechanical, thermal and electric fields whilst accurately optimizing the structural performances in fatigue, creep, failure and stiffness.

Our wide partnership network with the world leading CAE software, hardware companies and technological clusters enable us to provide our customers with a complete and optimal modeling solution that suits their specific needs and integrates their existing processes.

Why become a certified consulting partner?

Enrolling in the Digimat Certified Consulting Partner network empowers you today to:

  • Offer Comprehensive and Fully-Integrated Composite Simulation Analyses
  • Master State-of-the-art Material and Structural Modeling Technologies
  • Optimize Simulation Workflow from Process to Structure
  • Innovate By bringing Composites Insight in your Engineering Projects
  • Grow Your Market Share and Business Profitability

Levels of certification

PLATINIUM CERTIFIED DIGIMAT CONSULTING PARTNER    digimat-platinium-certified-consulting-partner-logo

This is the highest certification level that recognizes the ability of a consulting company to use Digimat for engineering projects involving visco-plasticity, failure, creep, … All topics required to predict the strength of a part under complex loading such as crash simulation.

GOLD CERTIFIED DIGIMAT CONSULTING PARTNER             digimat-gold-certified-consulting-partner-logo

The Gold certification attests that a consulting company has acquired enough expertise with Digimat to use it in non-linear implicit thermo-mechanical FE analysis including the definition of the Digimat material definition and the micro/macro post-processing of the FE results.

SILVER CERTIFIED DIGIMAT CONSULTING PARTNER          digimat-silver-certified-consulting-partner-logo

This first certification acknowledges that a consulting company has the skills to build a linear Digimat material model from experimental data and to use it in an implicit linear thermo-mechanical FE analysis.

How to get your Digimat Certification?

Contact e-Xstream to get a proposal: Zoubida El Hachemi -

Prepare and Pass the Certification: Bernard Alsteens -

You are listed on our website as Certified Partner: Mira Toth -

Start using Digimat for your business!