The new technology to estimate local fiber orientation integrated in Digimat-RP

Removing the Boundaries between Injection Molding and Performance Analysis of Reinforced Plastics with Digimat-RP/Moldex3D, a breakthrough solution dedicated to structural engineers!


Digimat-RP/Moldex3D is a fiber orientation estimator that enables you to run multiple simulations within a day (CPU time/application takes 20-45 min), thus allowing you to make the right decision quickly on your design earlier in the design cycle.

Reinforced plastics are increasingly being used in multiple industries (automotive, electronics, consumer goods, …) as a replacement to metal solutions. Reinforced plastics indeed offer an increased flexibility for design, ease of processing as well as lightweighting capabilities. However, they also bring a series of challenges: reinforced plastics behavior is usually highly non-linear, anisotropic, temperature/strain rate dependent and, most importantly, process dependent.

Early design of reinforced plastic parts has classically faced many difficulties: process information such as fiber orientation might not be available yet, many iterations of design are required in a very short cycle time, and material behavior is hardly accessible. These challenges add up to the common difficulty of designing plastic parts with metal based design tools, considering homogeneous isotropic material behavior.

Digimat-RP/Moldex3D solution for Reinforced Plastics - including accurate material models, widest range of supported injection and FEA codes - allows in a user friendly way to

  • Estimate fiber orientation easily and efficiently
  • Shorten the early design cycle
  • Reduce number of mold designs
  • Take the right design decisions earlier

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