Digimat is capable of communicating Fatigue characteristics with coupled analysis.

The Digimat strategy of coupled analyses for the structural design of composite parts extends to the topic of lifetime assessment for high cycle fatigue. Digimat deals with S-N curves in an anisotropic fashion and communicates this information to the lifetime prediction software based on local microstructure information. Currently two fatigue models are implemented in the software.

For engineering purposes a macro S-N model is available for chopped fiber reinforced plastics. It enables computing the S-N response for any random fiber orientation state.

A scientific research model was developed to address fatigue of continuous fiber reinforced composites. This model is based on the damage evolution in the matrix phase. It is the first step towards assessing S-N curves based on information from the microscopic level of composite materials.

The S-N model for chopped fiber reinforced plastics can be used in coupled analyses based on injection molding manufacturing simulation.

Supported software
  • nCode (HBM)
  • Virtual.Lab Durability (LMS)

Upcoming soon
  • Interface to FEMFAT

All interfaces are bundled together in one Digimat tool. In the final software solution the required parts can be picked individually to address the needs of the personal CAE environment:


Covers interfaces to manufacturing simulation, computer tomography and FEA software.