Tools, Solutions and eXpertise

Tools, Solutions and eXpertise gathered on one modeling Platform: Digimat

Digital Material design

Digimat capabilities are used by CAE engineers, materials scientists and specialists in manufacturing processes of plastic and composite materials to accurately predict the nonlinear micromechanical behavior of complex multi-phase materials and structures.

Digimat bridges the gap between manufacturing and performance. It helps multi-industries using plastics & composites and organizing the market. Digimat is relied upon by major material suppliers, Tier1s and OEMS.

It offers 3 different categories of products to the users:

  • Tools

    A complete set of complementary interoperable software products focusing on expert usage for the purpose of material and/or structural engineering. Digimat offers tools on the microscopic (Digimat-MF, Digimat-FE) and macroscopic scales (Digimat-MX, Digimat-CAE, Digimat-MAP).

  • Digimat-composite-material-simulation-modeling-logo-digimat-fe Digimat-composite-material-simulation-modeling-logo-digimat-mf Digimat-composite-material-simulation-modeling-logo-digimat-mx Digimat-composite-material-simulation-modeling-logo-digimat-cae Digimat-composite-material-simulation-modeling-logo-digimat-map

  • Solutions

    Non-expert usage of Digimat technology from fully integrated GUI guided environments for specific tasks. Digimat solutions convert complex multi-scale modeling workflows into easy-to-use environments (Digimat-RP, Digimat-HC, Digimat-VA).

  • Digimat-composite-material-simulation-modeling-logo-digimat-rp Digimat-composite-material-simulation-modeling-logo-digimat-hc Digimat-composite-material-simulation-modeling-logo-digimat-virtual-allowables Digimat-composite-material-simulation-modeling-logo-digimat-am

  • eXpertise

    Knowledge transfer from 10+ years of experience in micromechanical modeling. Includes the Digimat documentation, a rich example manual as well as access to e-Xstream offers for support and training. Digimat related media can be accessed directly.

Digimat modeling plateform applications in the industry:

  • Aerospace
  • Automotive
  • Consumer Electronics
  • Material Suppliers
  • Medical Devices
  • Industrial goods
  • Sport and leisure
  • Shipbuilding
  • Train
  • etc.