Discover the key highlights of the latest Digimat release:

FDM Wizard

Discover the new wizard that simplifies the setup of FDM printing analyses in just a few clicks.

Foam Crushing

Explore foam behaviours under large compressive strains, considering the stiffening effect due to cells closure.

Materials Database

New material grades are added and ready-to-use in the Digimat-MX database.

Virtual Material Testing

The Digimat-VA tests database is extended with a digital twin for double cantilever beam tests.

Extension of Digimat-RP

Enjoy a robust, fast and easy-to-use interface to set up thermal & coupled thermal-mechanical analyses with crystallinity.

Foam Modelling

Enhance the analysis of foams with realistic geometries, multilayered microstructures and distributions of cell sizes and wall thicknesses.

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Digimat 2022.2

Digimat 2022.1