Accurate & Efficient Analysis of Reinforced Plastic Parts on an easy, fast and robust manner

Digimat-RP: The Leading Solution for Reinforced Plastic Parts Simulation!


Digimat-RP is a Solution of Digimat software that integrates the right Digimat Tools and features to design Reinforced Plastics

Lightweight engineering re-designs metal parts into fiber reinforced plastics produced by injection molding. For reinforced plastics manufacturing procedures influence the material microstructure.

The effect of local fiber orientation leads to a distribution of material properties over the part. This can drastically influence its final performance and must be taken into account in the design procedures.

Digimat-RP (“Reinforced Plastics”) provides engineers with a guided simulation workflow tool that aids in the setup and streamlines the process of accurate analysis of plastic parts in a robust, fast and easy manner. It bridges the gap between injection molding and nonlinear FEA of plastic parts.

Digimat-RP simulation solution for Reinforced Plastics allows in a user friendly way to

  • Load finite element analyses of a broad range of different solvers
  • Assign a micromechanical material model to a specific part
  • Choose a robust & fast multi-scale simulation method for a coupled analysis
  • Map local microstructure information onto the part
  • Launch & monitor the coupled analysis
  • Access the results of the multi-scale simulation
Digimat-RP combines all the Digimat modules into a unique user-friendly interface. By following a logical workflow, the user can easily access the most important features of these Digimat modules to run a coupled analysis in a straightforward way. We are delighted that e-Xstream developed such a user-friendly interface which increases our efficiency without affecting the accuracy of analysis.
-Mattia Sulmoni, Dipl. Ing.Designer

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Please visit the below pages for further information to find out which interfaces are supported in Digimat-RP :