Digimat-CAE is a tool that bridges the material data gap between composite material processing and the final performance of composite structural parts.


Digimat-CAE is the central tool for building coupled multi-scale analyses based on the manufacturing process. It centralizes the upstream and downstream interfaces for Digimat material models.

Local microstructure is taken into account and translated into a macroscopic material response. This results in a highly accurate prediction of the final performance of the composite part.

A multi-scale interface to integrate Material data into the design workflow:

Digimat-CAE offers GUI guidance for the set-up of integrative simulations and supports this approach via embedded Plug-Ins for GUI guidance in native FEA environments. Choices of Digimat multi-scale solution methods (Micro/Hybrid/Macro) allow to balance individually the need for accuracy and fast computational time.

  • Micro: the most accurate solution that produces per phase results
  • Hybrid: the solution that allows to obtain accurate prediction in a realistic industrial time frame - in average 10x quicker then Micro solution
  • Macro: the dedicated solution for SFRP elastic material

Please visit the below pages for further information to find out which interfaces are supported in Digimat-CAE :