Digimat-MAP is the mapping Tool of Digimat software used to transfer Material data between dissimilar meshes.


Digimat-MAP Mapping capabilities include the:

  • Flexible superposition of meshes
  • Transfer of data between meshes (e.g. fiber orientations, residual stresses, temperatures or locations of weld lines)
  • Quality assessment by local and global error analysis
  • Post-processing of mapping results by microstructure and in-depth investigation of the local material stiffness and response

Digimat-MAP offers a rich set of embedded tools to allow full control over the workflow:

Manipulation of meshes with Digimat-MAP

  • Measurement of positions, distances & angles
  • Manual superposition
  • Automatic superposition

Transfer of Mapping data

  • Fiber orientation, volume fraction & aspect ratio
  • Temperature
  • Residual stresses
  • Location of weldlines

Quality Assessment of Mapping

  • Global & local error indicator

Visualization & Post-Processing with the Mapping Tool

  • Display of mapped microstructure (scalar, tensor vector & ellipsoidal plot)
  • Investigation of local stiffness

Please visit the below pages for further information to find out which interfaces are supported in Digimat-MAP :