Digimat offers the tool to analyze your multiphase composite materials in an accurate, efficient and easy way!

Digimat-MF is a Tool of Digimat software to compute composite materials' performances


Digimat-MF is the mean field homogenization tool to rapidly compute the macroscopic performance of composite materials from their per-phase properties and microstructure definition. Digimat-MF aims at the realistic prediction of the non-linear constitutive behavior of multi-phase materials taking into account temperature and strain rate dependencies. The composite morphology such as filler content, length, aspect ratio and orientation take full impact on the resulting composite behavior. Digimat-MF is accurate, efficient and very easy to learn and use.

Digimat-MF is used mainly by universities, research institutes and material suppliers, as well as OEMs and Tier1s research departments.

Digimat Mean Field homogenization technology is especially well suited to describe fiber reinforced composites:

  • Short fiber reinforced plastics
  • Long fiber thermoplastics
  • Unidirectional composites
  • Woven composites
  • Sheet Molding Compound

A broad range of performances can be predicted realistically with Digimat Mean Field homogenization technology :

  • Stiffness
  • Failure
  • Creep
  • Fatigue
  • Conductivity (thermal & electrical)
The application of Digimat-MF and Digimat-FE paved the way for me to give an insight into the influence of microstructure on the overall mechanical and brittle damage behavior of highly porous sound absorbing ceramics. I was able to contribute to the improvement of material strength by new material design while keeping the good sound absorption."
-Reza Malekmohammadi, Research Assistant, BIME