Digimat offers the tool to prepare, store and securely eXchange micromechanical models between material experts and designers of composite parts under the protection of your intellectual knowledge.

Digimat-MX is the database Tool of Digimat software to store anisotropic measurements and related micromechanical models.


The Digimat-MX Tool stores anisotropic measurements and related micromechanical models. Embedded parameterization tools allow to adapt the material performance according to the experiments. Resulting Digimat models can be shared within large communities of different users. The MX material database operates with full interactivity for Digimat tools and solutions. Intellectual property is assured by built-in encryption technology.

Digimat-MX materials database comes along with:

Public Materials Database:

  • Ready-to-run Digimat material models
  • Experimental data as a base for building Digimat material models

Private Materials Database setup & tools:

  • Flexible user/group scenarios
  • Data import & reverse engineering of Digimat material models
  • Encryption technology for secured sharing

Digimat-MX is used by all major material suppliers, OEMs and Ter1s from different industries, as well as by universites and research institues.

Victrex has delivered metal replacement solutions to the aerospace, automotive, energy, electronics, industrial and medical markets for more than three decades. One of the common themes across each of these industries continues to be the need for lighter, smarter, and more cost-effective solutions. Being proactive to support our customers in the replacement of metals, we have significantly enhanced our part modeling and evaluation capabilities by adding VICTREX® PEEK polymers to Digimat-MX. This will certainly accelerate the development process and help to deliver innovative solutions that perform in the most demanding environments."
-Frank Schemm, Global Sales–Aerospace SBU, Victrex