Digimat to identify damping behavior of an SFRP and enrich NVH structural FEA

Prediction of the damping behavior of a roof front beam in NVH simulations

Effect of residual stresses induced by manufacturing process in Discontinuous Fiber Composites (DFC) made part

Digimat enables us to perform in-depth analysis of the complete manufacturing cycle of very complex microstructure such as DFC. This complete solution is a cutting edge asset in the development of new composite materials and products.

Failure Prediction of hybrid UD/Woven Laminated Pin-Loaded Joints

Digimat-FE to identify Anisotropic Damping Behavior of multi-phases materials

Digimat Virtual Allowables

Use of Digimat to Simulate Progressive Failure in a T-stiffener Accounting Voids Due to Manufacturing Defects

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