Highly Targeted, Customizable Training

e-Xstream engineering provides a complete training service with its software package to help customers use Digimat material modeling tools successfully. Digimat training courses are organized regularly in Europe, USA and Asia.

The Digimat materials modeling software trainings includes Beginner and Advanced Levels targeting Material Engineers (i.e. focus on Digimat-MF, Digimat-FE and Digimat-MX) and Structural Engineers (i.e. focus on Digimat-RP, Digimat-CAE, Digimat-MAP and Digimat-MX).

Digimat courses are a combination of presentations and live product demos followed by practical hands-on sessions. They aim at answering users' questions and also include best practices on how to use Digimat's new capabilities.

Custom Training Options
Custom Courses - If our standard training offerings do not meet your requirements, e-Xstream can develop a course or set of courses tailored to your specific needs. A custom course might include a combination of topics from several standard courses or specialized material not found in any of our standard seminars. E-Xstream will work with your staff to design the course you need.

Course Catalogue

Training at Your Facility - If you have a number of employees who need training, we offer the cost effective option of bringing our class to your facility. This eliminates employee travel costs, minimizes time away from work, and can be arranged at your convenience.