Technical Paper: Virtual Testing of CFRP Coupon Using Digimat-VA

*CFRP: Continuous Fiber Reinforced Plastics

In the research of light weighting solutions, the use of CFRP has dramatically increased during the last two decades both in aerospace and automotive industries. However, designers are still facing the challenge to accelerate the insertion of new materials for applications.

Traditionally, screening, characterisation and even design of new materials is done by physical testing. However, composites materials offer an extraordinary choice of material combinations so that such traditional approaches become inefficient at best.

Simulation accelerates these test campaigns, providing insights and answers well before physical coupons can be ordered, created, tested and reported. It will help to address some of the inefficiencies in the process and reduce the total time from initial screening to final, fully characterised materials.... read the full paper, please register on the right side of this page. After submitting the form, you will find the button to download the pdf.