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Digimat Users' Conference - 15 years Anniversary edition

Date: 8-11 Oct, 2018 l Prague, Czech Republic

This year e-Xstream turns 15! Join us to celebrate 15 years of material innovation! We started with the foundation of nonlinear mean-field homogenization and we’ve been enjoying an exciting journey where we’ve developed with you, our customers and partners, Digimat into the material modeling platform for plastics and composites.

Together we blurred the boundaries between technologies and scales and we made non-linear multi-scale modeling Accurate, Robust, Fast & Easy to apply for solving your most challenging engineering problems. Today, Digimat is used by thousands of engineers in hundreds of leading companies around the world. It is used to engineer new material systems, to characterize them and to optimally use advanced materials to improve the performance of complex systems such as cars & airplanes.

We look forward to welcoming you at Digimat Users’ Meeting 2018 to share the latest progress in advanced material modeling, to present our material vision for 2020 and to celebrate the last 15 years of material innovations.

This year's agenda will host again numerous customer presentations from the fields of automotive, aerospace and additive manufacturing, involving the entire value chain (OEMs, Tiers and material suppliers). Over the four days, we will host a Customer Advisory Board meeting, Executive Dinner, 2 days of conference and workshops and trainings on the 4th day.

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Predictable & Affordable Composites Seminar at NCC (National Composites Center) l UK

Date: 20 June, 2018 l Bristol, United Kingdom

Two of the major objections to a wider use of composites across industries are: the cost of Carbon Fiber and the difficulties of engineering composite structures. The affordability can be achieved by enabling the engineer to work with the right amount of material and optimal mix of composites (from chopped to continuous fibers) and corresponding (automated) manufacturing process. The predictability can be reached thanks to using multi-scale modelling technology to go down to the constituents for a more accurate assessment of the composite behavior until failure.

This seminar will describe how virtual engineering, with a special focus on advanced material modelling, can help making composites more affordable and more predictable. Attendees will have the opportunity to share best practices, listen to best-in-class presentations, network, and keep up-to-date with industry trends.

The morning session will be dedicated to the Automotive Industry whereas Aerospace related topics will be discussed in the afternoon.

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Digimat Tech Day Germany

Date: June 11, 2018, Munich, Germany

You are invited to attend a Technology Day with Digimat in Munich! Attendees will have the opportunity to share best practices, listen to best-in-class presentations of industry peers, network, and keep up-to-date with industry trends.

Join the Digimat Technology Day to learn how to:

  • Investigate and predict the behavior of a large mix of plastic & composite materials
  • Design and manufacture innovative high-performance parts to maintain leadership
  • Minimize the weight, cost and time-to-market optimal plastics and composite industrial parts
  • Use 3D printing for functional prototyping and production
  • Compute the virtual allowables

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