Improving predictability through our simulation equivalents, one step at a time...

Digital Twin

Used to model the entire process of transforming the raw material into products for a more effective and efficient use of materials.

This material centric digital twin connects each element together with the right data flow to model the manufacturing line in its entirety. From the initial stage of getting the materials in, to the final stage of getting the product out.
We have been working with Hexagon and e-Xstream to integrate cutting-edge metrology, digital technology and material science, which is merged in our manufacturing testbed with Hexagon’s state-of-the-art hardwares and softwares for Smart Factory solutions. The aim now is to develop a digital parallel of the whole end-to-end journey from design to manufacturing. We’ll be able to zoom in and out from a macro to micro level from line production to individual cell production.
- Jan-Anders Mansson, Distinguished Professor of Engineering, Purdue University

Helping to connect you to the right data, every step of the way.

Our 10xICME Solution includes an extensive suite of simulation equivalents for material development, material characterization, manufacturing simulation and final part performance. Ultimately a digital twin of the material manufacturing process is obtained and improves predictability.

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