Design and manufacture innovative high-performance composite materials with state-of-the-art technology.

In the fast growing composite market, industries are continuously facing the challenge to introduce new composite material systems, thus, the knowledge on composites is increasingly important. As vectors of innovation, researchers are the key of this knowledge. Their help and contributions to the industries represent the first step forward. Better understand the materials is essential, that's why e-Xstream engineering has developed Digimat, the nonlinear multi-scale material modeling software.

Digimat, material modeling platform enables you to:

  • Investigate and predict the behavior or a large mix of composite materials,
  • Improve prediction of CAE analysis by accounting for the influence of the manufacturing process in structural FEA,
  • Design and manufacture innovative high-performance composite materials,
  • Reduce material testing and prototyping by characterizing your material earlier and better.

Whether you conduct your research on innovative materials design, materials behavior characterization, new optimization process or new simulation methodologies, use of Digimat can help you achieve your goals. Our multi-scale modeling software is adaptive so that you can interface it with the major existing process and product modeling software solutions.

What do we offer?

To get another expertise on your research and grow your innovation capacity, we prepared a whole package for you which includes:

  • Your Digimat academic license(s): 1 license or 5 licenses,
  • A Technical support for your licensed researchers,
  • A 2 hours course on Composites/Homogenization introducing Digimat technology,
  • An unlimited access to our Digimat’s Student Edition,
  • Some exercises on Digimat Student Edition.

Our Academic software is identical in capabilities to our Commercial one, so you will have no limitations regarding your use of our platform. By using Digimat to perform your materials analysis you use the same tool that is used by R&D departments of the major companies in the world on the most innovative materials being engineered nowadays.

For further information, technical details and capabilities, please download the Digimat software brochure here! Digimat will largely help you to understand the "Why" behind the behavior of your composite material.