Toray Empowers Engineers with better Material Data to exploit its high-performance engineering plastics in Digimat simulation software

Neu-Isenburg, Germany, June 2, 2020 – Toray Resins Europe GmbH, a subsidiary of Toray Industries, Inc., announced today the addition of 5 material models of TORELINA™ PPS into Digimat-MX, the material database of the Hexagon 10X ICME solution.

The addition of Toray’s TORELINA™ PPS material references in the Digimat database will allow customers to be more effective in designing with those materials. TORELINA™ PPS materials are excellent candidates when superior thermal and dimensional stability are required. Those properties as well as flame retardancy and chemical resistance are inherent to PPS. Engineers will now have the possibility to optimize their time-to-market and the weight of the parts with TORELINA™ PPS grades in growing applications like powertrain components and automotive emobility innovations.

”With TORELINA™ PPS material now available in the Digimat database, Toray’s leading range of PPS products are readily accessible to material engineers to evaluate and made available for design optimization through the 10X ICME solution,“ – said Robert Engle, Director of Marketing & Sales at Toray Resins Europe.

“Our Digimat-MX material database is constantly growing to empower the ecosystem with more material data, and exploit the full potential of each material. Material engineers will have accurate information at their fingertips to quickly evaluate PPS and empower engineering innovation.” said Olivier Moulinjeune, Business Development Engineer at e-Xstream engineering.

The introduction of Toray’s PPS grades in Digimat-MX makes it easier for customers to perform virtual material testing and evaluate final part performance using the Digimat multi-scale material modelling tool. It also makes precise material data available to manufacturers using the 10X ICME solution so that design and engineering teams can optimize product design and manufacturing.

The following TORELINA™ PPS material cards have been added to Digimat-MX:

  • A673MTB – 30% GF reinforced, and elastomer-modified PPS with high elongation
  • A604CX1B – 40% GF reinforced PPS with high toughness, plus excellent hydrolysis and coolant resistance
  • A504CX1B – 40% GF reinforced PPS with high hydrolysis and coolant resistance
  • A675GS1B – 50% (GF+MD) reinforced PPS with superior thermal cycle shock resistance and high dimensional stability
  • A310MX04 – 65%(GF+MD) reinforced PPS with high dimensional stability Additional material cards will follow in the near future.