In the purpose of Composite Design, Digimat supports reading data from the prediction of the manufacturing step as predicted by injection molding software.

Results from the following processing scenarios can be taken into account:

  • Injection molding
  • MuCell®
  • Injection-compression molding
  • Compression molding
Supported softwares:
  • Moldex3D (3D & Mid-plane)
  • Moldflow (3D & Mid-plane)
  • Rem3D
  • Simpoe
  • 3D TIMON

All interfaces are bundled together in one Digimat tool. In the final software solution the required parts can be picked individually to address the needs of the personal CAE environment:


Covers interfaces to manufacturing simulation, computer tomography and FEA software. Offers GUI guidance for setting up coupled analyses and supports this approach via embedded Digimat Plug-Ins for native FEA pre-processors.

Injection molding simulation meshes are typically different from their FEA counterparts. This can easily be addressed by adding respective utilities to the Digimat software solution:


Supports the multi-scale approach by allowing the transfer of data between dissimilar meshes. Capabilities include super-positioning, quality assessment for mapping and visualization of the results.